What is Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir?

So this is my first blog post and I felt that this would be a good way to kick start it! Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir is a French- American animated TV series for kids and teens alike! Marionette Dupain-Chang is a highschool girl with a secret....

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New Flash!

Alright, I am going to tell you all something and I need you not to freak out because I'm freaking out and I need to calm down some how. Oh what the heck! Go ahead and freak out BECAUSE SEASON TWO IS FINALLY ON NETFLIX!!!!!!!!!!!!! But seriously! It's FINALLY THERE!!!! WISH ME LUCK BECAUSE IMMA... Continue Reading →


Bonjour y'all! So this is more of a check in, let you all know I am alive post than anything. So first off, a little late, Merry Christmas!! Yeah, yeah I know it's late for me to be saying that but I don't really care if I'm honest. And Happy New Year too! Alright, now... Continue Reading →

Miraculous AU…PART 2

Salut Coccinelles! (translation: Hi Ladybugs.)  It's Fire Fox and today I'm doing a part 2 of a post that Bug published almost a year ago!  If you missed that post, you can read it here.  So if you haven't read it, GO READ IT NOW and then come back here and read this post. *waits... Continue Reading →

Would You Rather?

Bonjour Ladybugs, who wants to play a game of Would You Rather: Miraculous Edition? *raises hand frantically* Would You Rather...Have a kwami and miracle stone forever OR fight crime with Chat Noir for only a day? Wow, starting off with an easy one, huh?  This is tough, but I really couldn't pass up the chance... Continue Reading →

What they would all do at Disneyland

Bonjour y'all! So I apologize for not updating sooner but it's November and that means... *drum roll* *sobbing* Nanowrimo! I probably mentioned it but I am little forgetful. But now that things are wrapping up, I have time for a post. Before I begin though, how are you all enjoying having Firefox post from time... Continue Reading →

My Miraculous Preferences

Bonjour peeps, Fire Fox here.  Today I thought I would tell you guys my Miraculous preferences.  Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments, I'd love to flail with you. What is your Miraculous ship? Adrienette. I'm a rare breed, okay? I really feel like Adrien and Marionette are just the best match up.... Continue Reading →

Why Everyone Should Watch Miraculous // A Guest Post by Fire Fox

Hey Ladybugs, my name is Fire Fox.  and also Musicgirl121, but that's much less Miraculous appropriate.  I'm a friend of Bug's and – as she mentioned – a fellow fangirl.  I've been nagging her to let me guest post on here for a while and I guess she's cool with me taking over the blog... Continue Reading →

Quick Anouncement!

So I know it has been a long time since I last posted and I am incredibly sorry! Between school, work, prep for Nanowrimo and violin lessons. SO MUCH STUFF TO DO! Seriously, not to mention writing block for my blog. But I have good news! My friend and fellow fangirl Fire Fox is going to do... Continue Reading →

MMA = Missing Mama Agrest

Bonjour! I am back! And surprisingly I know exactly what I am going to write about! Yay! Alrigth, before I start, I have some wonderful news to share! I have -after eight months and 550+ hours- I have finished the first draft of my novel! Hybrid is my masterpiece and my favorite of everything I have written so... Continue Reading →

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