MMA = Missing Mama Agrest

Bonjour! I am back! And surprisingly I know exactly what I am going to write about! Yay! Alrigth, before I start, I have some wonderful news to share! I have -after eight months and 550+ hours- I have finished the first draft of my novel! Hybrid is my masterpiece and my favorite of everything I have written so far. It has it’s ups and downs and I am currently awaiting feedback from fellow writer and blogger Musicgirl121. Check out her blog, she is amazing! Alright, so back on track. I am fairly certain you have all seen this picture. (Below)It was shown in the Simon Says episode as Adrien’s computer wallpaper.


And I have to say, it is clear which parent Adrien resembles the most. We learn more about her in the Christmas special, but other than that we don’t know much. I have heard a theory that she was the holder of the Peacock Miraculous, which I personally feel is likely. Especially if you take a look at this scene in the Volpina episode. It is beautiful. But notice how the book is separated from the rest of the items in the safe? It’s almost like those items are a bit of a shrine to Mrs. Agreste, including a ticket to Tibet, which I’ll be getting to in a moment.354ed2714075a32e690b514df36f1aff5a95db40_hq

Okay, now that you have seen that picture, take a look at this one. (I have cropped it a bit.) Now what I would like you to focus on it is the blue section. It has the symbol of a peacock on it, looking much like the peacock figurine in the last photo. I also want to point out one more thing.


We know for a fact that Master Fu has the turtle Miraculous, so we see only the place it would sit in the box and the same with the butterfly Miraculous. We can also see the fox and bee miraculous in the box. So we know that those two do not have holders. In the entire show, we see every Miraculous holder at some point in time. Except for the peacock miraculous and it is not in the box! So in my opinion that is pretty strong evidence that Mrs. Agreste held the miraculous at some point. Though there is a hole in that theory. We never hear any evidence of another hero previous to the show. I highly suspect that the majority of Paris would have heard of her and Alya would have mentioned it at least once considering her fascination with superheroes. Okay, doubling back, we see a flyer for Tibet, some people have used that as evidence that Mrs. Agreste ran away for some reason or other and that is where she is hiding. Personally, that does not make much sense to me. In the Christmas episode when Santa and Adrien are talking about Adrien’s father and when Sant says that Mr. Agreste “Doesn’t know how to move on” Adrien agrees with him. So that suggests a divorce or death. Why would Mr. Agreste be so upset if he knew where his wife was? Now if there was a divorce, it would be likely that Adrien would either go back and forth between his parents or reside entirely with his mother. So in my head, I eliminated that one as unlikely because we would hear more about it and be considering what we can see of her relationship with Adrien I doubt she would leave him behind. Mrs. Agreste dying is a little more likely, possibly because of an injury received by being a hero, or maybe a sickness of some kind. It is sad but is possible.

I am sorry for such a long post, but if you made it all the way to the bottom, thank you! I really appreciate it and hope to post again soon! As always let me know what you think and if you have any theories about what happened to Mama Agreste comment below! Bug out!

PS. I recommend checking out Miraculous Ladybug Twitter page! It is the best place to get the lastest upsdates on Season Two as well as different Mircaulous products! I will do my best to post what I can, but I am afriad I can’t make any promises.


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  1. Bug, you’re so freaking sweet for spreading my blog over to this wonderful place. However, I have to say that it won’t do much good considering that my blog is private. So only a few special, chosen ones whom I deem honorable of my words are able to view it (yes this includes you, of course.). But thanks anyway!

    Theory about Mama Agreste…well, I think you pretty much nailed it.


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