Why Everyone Should Watch Miraculous // A Guest Post by Fire Fox

Hey Ladybugs, my name is Fire Fox.  and also Musicgirl121, but that’s much less Miraculous appropriate.  I’m a friend of Bug’s and – as she mentioned – a fellow fangirl.  I’ve been nagging her to let me guest post on here for a while and I guess she’s cool with me taking over the blog occasionally cause she’s added me as an author.

*screams and throws glitter for like an hour*

You’ve probably never heard of me.  This is because of two things: A) I go by a different name in the blogosphere (said name is mentioned above) and B) My blog is private because I only want those I know in real life to see what I post.  So since ya’ll have no clue who this “Fire Fox” girl is, lemme fill you in.

Plagg spinning.gif
basically I am Plagg always.

God comes first in my life and I am not afraid to say His name.  I believe in miracles and that dark things can be transformed into beautiful masterpieces.  My favorite music artists are Twenty Øne Piløts, Danny Gokey, Britt Nicole, RED, Skillet, for King & Country, Anthem Lights, Mark Schultz, The Afters, Ashes Remain, and all things soundtracks.

I am a:

  • Middle-Earth elf,
  • Ravendor
  • ESFP (for those of you who are obsessed with MBTI)
  • Master procrastinator
  • Twi-hard
  • Professional sleeper
  • Hopeless romantic
  • Keeper of The Runners
  • Quidditch spectator

So now that we have all the important formalities out-of-the-way, let’s talk Miraculous, shall we?

Ladybug gif.gif
I’m also obsessed with GIFs in case you haven’t figured that out…

My falling into the Miraculous Ladybug fandom is entirely Bug’s fault.  i blame her completely.  She told me about it and being the creatively insane fangirl I am, I watched it.  I still have absolutely no clue why I kept watching it, but hey, #idowhatiwant

So in case you happen to be on the fence about Miraculous Ladybug, let me show you 6 reasons why you should just watch it and say goodbye to your sanity.

#1.  It’s relatable.

This is pretty much the most important part of any story and Miraculous is no exception.  The high school, the crushes, the best friends, the fears, the dreams…it’s all something we can understand.  Marionette’s fears of never being good enough and Adrian’s inner feelings of loneliness are all relatable at some point in our lives.  Even Alya’s obsession with superheroes is relatable!

#2.  It brings out our inner child.

We’ll hardly ever admit this, but it’s so true.  We freak out anytime Adrian and Marionette have a conversation!  Why?  Because it makes us feel like a kid again.

#3.  The cheesy chat puns.

There’s no way out of this one.  All Miraculous fans adore Chat Noir’s cat related puns.  It’s just a sad fact of life, peeps.  #Purrfect


Who wouldn‘t want to watch a show where the “lovers” are so adorably awkward around each other that they can’t even get out a full, coherent sentence?  Cause that’s seriously beyond my comprehension…

#5.  It’s kid friendly + superheroes.

Do you know how many superhero shows there are that are just sooo inappropriate?  (There’s a lot.)  Sure, this show is a lot of childish stuff thrown into one.  Yes, it’s cliche and cheesy about 99% of the time.  BUT HEY IT’S ACTUALLY CLEAN AND HAS FREAKING SUPERHEROES YA’LL.  If that’s not reason enough to sit yo butt down and watch it…then I can’t help you.

#6.  We don’t get a love triangle… WE FREAKING GET A LOVE SQUARE!

Have you ever heard of a love square in any other TV show???  Cause I sure haven’t!  The Miraculous love square is something that we take much pride in and it’s just wonderful.

Ladybug love gif.gif
THE SHIP IS SO REAL.  (but honestly I love how casually she just puts the rose back lol.)

I hate to say it, but that’s all I’ve got for you in this post.  BUT DON’T WORRY, I’ll be back to throw my opinions at your face again soon.

Pound it gif.gif

Fire Fox out!

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