Would You Rather?

Bonjour Ladybugs, who wants to play a game of Would You Rather: Miraculous Edition?

*raises hand frantically*

Would You Rather…Have a kwami and miracle stone forever OR fight crime with Chat Noir for only a day?

Wow, starting off with an easy one, huh?  This is tough, but I really couldn’t pass up the chance to fight crime with Chat Noir.

Chat noir gif.gif

Would You Rather…Wear Marionette’s earrings OR Adrian’ ring?

I feel like I’ve already covered this.  *shrugs*  Adrian’s ring.

Would You Rather…Have Tikki OR Plagg by your side?

Plagg obviously.  We were made for each other.  Cheese + that sass = why I am Plagg

Would You Rather…Plan a secret date for Adrien and Marionette OR help Marionette bake a cake for Adrien?


Would You Rather…Have Adrien OR Marionette’s room?

While Adrien’s room is cool and everything, I think I’d rather have Marionette’s.  It’s not a mansion, it has a cute little writer desk, and it’s like super cute and adorable.

Would You Rather…Celebrate Halloween with Adrien and Marionette OR celebrate Christmas with Adrien and Marionette?

Halloween all the way for a couple of reasons.  One, I think Adrien and Marionette would drive everyone crazy on Christmas because they won’t just kiss under the mistletoe.  Second, I think it would be a blast to hang out with them on Halloween.  And third, Marionette would be amazing at sewing Halloween costumes.

Would You Rather…Turn into a Kwami for a day OR have a Kwami for one hour?

Turn into a Kwami?  That would be really weird, but I would like to know what they experience after getting pulled into their miraculous…  So maybe, but having Plagg for an hour would be really cool too.  Just imagine all the chaos we could create in an hour…

Would You Rather…Go apple bobbing with Marionette OR carve pumpkins with Adrien?

Pumpkin carving with Adrien because that would be hilarious.

This would be my pumpkin…

My Pumpkin

And this would be Adrien’s…

Adrien's pumpkin
This is The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh carved into a pumpkin.  We all know Adrien’s probably spent years studying art pieces, so this isn’t really even that far-fetched.

Would You Rather…Get saved by Chat Noir OR Ladybug?

Let’s be real here, every girl wants to be saved by Chat Noir.  This is just a fact of life.  So Imma go with him.

I hate to say this, but that’s all I have for you guys right now.  Bug should be back soon though and who knows…maybe I can convince her to finish the next chapter of A Dark Shadow?  If you want the next chapter, leave a comment below along with what you hope to find out in Season 2 of Miraculous.

pound it gif 2.gif
Fire Fox out!

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