Bonjour y’all! So this is more of a check in, let you all know I am alive post than anything. So first off, a little late, Merry Christmas!!


Yeah, yeah I know it’s late for me to be saying that but I don’t really care if I’m honest. And Happy New Year too!

Alright, now going to my main reason for posting today. This is a friendship appreciation post, because hey! Friends are awesome! Today I am going to be talking about some of the best friendships in Miraculous. And before we get started I want to dedicate this post to my Alya, Fire Fox!

Marinette and Alya


Often when you think of friendships within this show, these two are quick to come to mind. In my opinion, these two are some of the best friends there are, both being very supportive of each other and quick to forgive. Even when Marinette accidentally deleted a special video on Alya’s phone, then dropped said phone in a trash after nearly dropping it and breaking it multiple times.

Nino and AdrienOR-2_(985)

This friendship is really a cool one! Because Nino isn’t in it for Adrien’s money or fame, but because he genuinely likes Adrien and thinks he’s one cool dude. Adrien is glad to have a friend who isn’t well….Chloe!

Rose and Juleka


These two are as different as night and day, so much so that they get along very well! I like to think that bubbly, optimistic, daydreamer and romantic Rose helps cheer Juleka up who seems to look mostly on the downside. On the other hand, Juleka probably helps keep Rose down to Earth.

Max and Kim


Honestly, I am not certain what to saw about this one other than that it is awesome that instead of Kim picking on the nerdy Max, they are instead best friends!

Chloe and Sabrina


This friendship seems a little one-sided at first, with Sabrina bending to Chloe’s every whim and almost idolizing the girl. But for those who have seen the Anti-bug and Evilistrator episodes, you know that Chloe does seem to care and appreciate Sabrina’s friendship, even if it a bit of an ego booster.

Hmm…Am I missing any? Let me know in the comments below and have a miraculous day! Bug out!

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  1. BUG!!! I can’t believe you dedicated an entire post to me! You’re awesome! ❤

    I love these friendships. I think they all represent the different types of friendships really well and I like this post a lot. I'm trying to think of any other Miraculous friendships, but I honestly can't think of any…unless you count Hawkmoth's "friendship" with his black moth swarm lol.

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  2. OK HI THERE !! It’s taken FOREVER for me to pop over after Musicgirl aka Fire Fox aka Robin aka etc and etc dropped me this link AND I’M SO SORRY. A friend was just telling me about this tv series and I need to WATCH IT AT SOME POINT!!

    Fox, I love your profile pic XD ^^


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    1. LISSAAAAAAA HIIIIIII!!!! *tackle hugs you* So glad you found your way over here!

      Oh my word, I’m so sorry that I go by so many different names in the blogosphere. It’s exhausting, but I can’t even remember why I have so many blog names? My main two are Musicgirl for my blog and Fire Fox for this blog, so those are probably my preferences, in case your were wondering.

      DON’T BE SORRY!! You’re totally fine. Just glad you found your way over.


      Aw, thanks. ❤

      (Whew, that was a way long comment, I'm so sorry…)


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