MMA = Missing Mama Agrest

Bonjour! I am back! And surprisingly I know exactly what I am going to write about! Yay! Alrigth, before I start, I have some wonderful news to share! I have -after eight months and 550+ hours- I have finished the first draft of my novel! Hybrid is my masterpiece and my favorite of everything I have written so... Continue Reading →

After a Long Wait…

Okay! So I have been gone for a while due to a combination of things and I am sorry, but today I am sending out a post since I have a few minutes. It is kind of slap dash but it will have to do I am afraid. And what I want to talk about... Continue Reading →

The Four Ships

Okay, so for those who are unfamiliar with the term 'ship' it is a shortened version of the word relationship and is also a common habit of fangirls. We have the tendency to pair people together in relationships that don't always make sense. *cough**cough* Jelsa*cough*. Every show, movie or book series has at least two... Continue Reading →


Bonjour! So I know it has been a long time since I last updated and the main reason for that is because of Camp Nanowrimo. My fellow writers out there will know what that is, (but if you don't go ahead and google it). It was a long process and a hard one too, but... Continue Reading →

Just How Black?

Hello! Well it is Monday and I was drawing a blank on what to write about today, so I looked back over what I have done so far. I reached the post I did on ladybugs, (Red with Black Spots) and how some cultures considered them good luck. That brought up the memory of hearing... Continue Reading →

The Tower

One thing we see regularly in Miraculous Ladybug is the Eiffel Tower, but few know the full history of this world famous monument that is now the one most famous French icons. I will be doing my best to wrap the history of this man-made beauty in a nice little package of words for you... Continue Reading →

The Cats Meow!

I absolutely adore cats and have been trying to get one for years, sadly that hasn't happened yet due to the fact that we live on a very busy street and my dad doesn't really like cats. So, today I am going to go a little cat crazy and...

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